Effects of Diet Based on IgG Elimination Combined with Probiotics on Migraine Plus Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Pain research & management. 2019;2019:7890461
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The causes of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) are complex and not fully understood, yet the occurrence of migraine has been linked with this disease. As they have an association, therapies used for either disorder may have a direct impact on both. Food sensitivities have been shown to affect both migraines and IBS and the elimination of foods may be of benefit to both disorders. This randomised cross-over trial of 60 individuals with migraine and IBS assessed immune reactions to certain foods and aimed to determine the effect of eliminating these foods and the addition of probiotics on individuals with IBS and migraine. The results showed that after 14 weeks of treatment, only elimination diet combined with probiotics improved migraine and IBS symptoms, resulting in a decrease in the use of medications. Individuals treated with elimination diet or probiotics only did show an improvement in comparison to the start of the trial, however not when compared to the combination treatment It was concluded that elimination diet in combination with probiotics may be of benefit to relieve symptoms of migraine and IBS. This study could be used by healthcare professionals to understand possible causes of IBS and migraines, and that treatments may involve targeting both illnesses.


Several research studies have revealed that migraine has a solid link with gastrointestinal diseases especially irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). This study was carried out to investigate therapeutic potential of diet based on IgG elimination combined with probiotics on migraine plus irritable bowel syndrome. A total of 60 patients diagnosed with migraine plus IBS were recruited for the study. IgG antibodies against 266 food varieties were detected by ELISA. Then, the subjects were randomized into three groups for treatment of IgG elimination diet or probiotics or diet combined with probiotics. Migraine symptom, gut function score, medication use, and serum serotonin level were measured at baseline, 7 weeks, and 14 weeks. Improvement of migraine and gut symptom was achieved at a certain time point. Reduced use of over-the-counter- (OTC-) analgesics was seen in all groups. However, use of triptans did not show significant difference. An increased serum serotonin level was seen in subjects treated with elimination diet and elimination diet combined with probiotics. IgG elimination diet combined with probiotics may be beneficial to migraine plus IBS. It may provide new insight by understanding the intricate relationship between migraine and gastrointestinal diseases.

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