Viruses belonging to Anelloviridae or Circoviridae as a possible cause of chronic fatigue.

Journal of translational medicine. 2020;18(1):485
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Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is often triggered by a virus. This review argues that viruses already present in the body may be the cause of this condition and identifies two groups of viruses the anello and circoviruses as potential causes. The paper explains that both viruses are already present in many individuals, and only become a problem when the immune system is supressed by a secondary infection. When this happens the anello and circoviruses can penetrate the brain resulting in CFS. Therapies that inhibit these viruses are required and recently certain antimalarials have reported to be potential candidates. Further research is required. This study could be used by healthcare professionals to extend research into the role of viruses that are already present within the body on CFS.


Chronic fatigue often starts with an acute viral infection-as witnessed in the case of SARS-CoV-2-but indirect consequences of these infections are presumably the actual cause of the condition. As recently reviewed in this journal, the culprit could be a virus already present in the patient. The review covers several types of viruses, but concludes that the question is still open. The focus is on well known, pathogenic viruses for which there are ample diagnostic tools. I argue that there is one lesser-known group of viruses, the related anello- and circoviruses, which ought to be investigated. More or less everyone harbours at least one strain of these viruses in the blood, while not in the spinal fluid. They normally replicate at a low level, but their activity increases in an immune suppressed host; and there are cases where they do reach the brain. The initial infection could facilitate their access to the brain.

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