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Podcast Summary

Kiran Krishnan is a research microbiologist who has been studying the microbiome for over 15 years. Prepare to be astounded as he chats to Max all about the human microbiome, how it makes the human species resilient and adaptable but also how decreasing microbial diversity may in turn lead to reduced resilience, genetic capabilities and a decline in the human species. We are basically eating to feed our microbiome to enable us to survive. They discuss quorum sensing where microbes can influence the overall diversity of species in the gut simply by sensing the signals of other microbes. Plus they debate the drivers of SIBO and how it may not actually be a condition but a symptom of dysfunction within the gut, and the importance of urolithin A for cellular function particularly mitochondria repair and how to cultivate this via our microbes. We know that probiotics can play a key role in promoting the growth of gut bacteria, but what happens in the digestive tract, do they survive? Krishnan delves into the probiotic world and highlights how spore based probiotics have been created to mimic nature and may increase their efficacy.