Expert Reviewers

Kieran MacPhail, MSc BSc (Hons)

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Specialist Areas

Kieran is a CNHC Registered Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, and HCPC-registered Physiotherapist and exercise specialist who has been working in the rehabilitation field since 2004. He presents on a wide range of topics and has published multiple papers and books on chronic pain. He is currently working towards a PhD entitled "Chronic Low Back Pain, Diet and Lifestyle and C-Reactive Protein".

Dr Marc Bubbs, ND, CISSN, CSCS

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Specialist Areas

Dr. Marc Bubbs is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor, Performance Nutrition Lead for Canada Basketball Team, Speaker, and former Strength Coach. He is the author of "Peak: The new science of athletic performance that is revolutionizing sports – An integrated and personalized approach to health, nutrition, training, recovery and mindset." Marc also hosts the acclaimed Dr. Bubbs Performance Podcast, connecting listeners with world-leading experts in human performance and health. Dr. Bubbs practises in both Toronto, Canada and London, England.

Dr Yassine Bendiabdallah, MPharm PhD IP MPharmS

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Specialist Areas

Dr Yassine Bendiabdallah holds a PhD from the School of Pharmacy of the Cancer Research Centre of the University of London where his specialist area was anticancer chemistry. He also holds a Practice Certificate in Independent Prescribing from King’s College London.

Dr Carol Granger, DProf BSc (Hons) MSc MRSB CBiol

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Specialist Areas

Carol is a Registered Nutritional Therapist and a researcher, having completed research for a professional doctorate at the University of Westminster on the practice of nutritional therapy for people affected by cancer. She is a chartered biologist with a degree in biochemistry and a Master’s in microbiology. Carol brings to Nutrition Evidence her experience from a health and life sciences career over 30 years and a personal commitment to evidence-based practice, professional regulation and inter-professional collaboration.

Vanessa Kimbell

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Specialist Areas

Vanessa is the founder of The Sourdough School, situated in rural Northamptonshire, the UK’s only centre for education and research into sourdough and the relationship with gut microbial health and wellness. An award-winning author and regular contributor to the BBC Radio 4 Food Programme, Vanessa is currently studding towards a PhD in Nutrition & Digestibility of Bread.